Book-in Features

Within the Book-in feature, users have fields where a complete description of the inmate and arrest can be entered, the number of offenses and bond information is unlimited, and the user can print a report of Book-in and arrest information at any time. An unlimited narrative gives the user the option to enter detailed arrest information. To keep arrest information confidential, users can use the confidential arrest narrative for unlimited dictation.

  • Fields for medical information including a medication log is available 
  • Inmate property log 
  • Enables users to track inmate finances through automatic receipt printing for deposits and withdrawals
  • Users can print an online report of current inmates at any time 
  • Displays disposition of cases from the attorney's office and the clerk's office

Arrest Book-in reports allows the user the ability to perform inmate selections by ID criteria. For example, the officer can enter data into the system pertaining to weight, hair color, gender, and age and the system produces a list of inmates with that particular description. Using this system, inmate searches becomes an easier process.

Complete CJIS reporting information is at the fingertips of the user. The electronic CJIS process begins at Book-in and then proceeds through the judicial channels. CJIS TRN numbers are automatically assigned, CJIS fingerprint cards can be printed and reprinted.

Options the user has to access records include: PID number, name cross reference to PID number,  inmate name, arrest number, and inmates book or release date.

Dispatch Features

  • Terminals are set up to search local warrants and perform dispatch functions quickly and easily in the dispatch feature of the Law Enforcement program.
  • Inputting calls for service begins offense record for investigations using the information from dispatch.
  • User has the ability to print calls for service.
  • A radio log maintains all radio activities for multiple jurisdictions. For example, users can administer calls to the Sheriff's office, Police Department, and to the DPS.
  • Civil papers (Sheriff's Foreign Docket) may be accessed by served name, plaintiff name, defendant name, case number, and name of the officer who served the papers. Users can also look up civil papers that have been received or returned and papers that are pending as well as look up money received.
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