Hot Check

Managing your hot check cases just got easier.

NET Data’s Hot Check software tracks the checks as well as the vendors who filed them.
You can quickly locate dates with notice and filing information. You can easily view when courtesy letters were mailed, checks were submitted to the prosecutor, and when the warrant number was assigned.
The collection process becomes easy using the software’s ability to print and track checks written to vendors from the check writing journal, check register and bank reconciliation capabilities.

Robust reporting features include:

  • Courtesy Letters
  • 14 Day Notice List
  • Hot Check Master Listing
  • Vendor information
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Defendant information
  • Statute of Limitations List
  • Checks Returned to Merchant
  • Warrant List
  • Daily Collection Register
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
You can also merge information from case files into Word Documents for batch printing. Managing your caseload with NET Data’s Hot Check software becomes efficient and smooth.
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