Judicial Management

Speedy Trials Redefined.

The NET Data Integrated Judicial Management System is comprised of modules that work together to create an electronic flow of case related information. Module integration reduces redundant data entry and manual record keeping. It also reduces the possibility of paper related errors and speeds the processing of information within the Judicial System.

Clerk Case Management

Reduce redundant data entry. Eliminate manual record keeping.
With the County and District Clerk Case Management application your office can securely maintain Criminal, Civil, Probate, Mental Probate, Adoption, and Juvenile records. Docket Maintenance allows the user to record all important dates and information, CJIS information, and all papers filed in the case set hearing dates eliminating duplicate data entry. More than 75 reports are available in addition to electronic monthly reporting to the OCA.

Features Include:

  • Integrated Alternative Dispute Resolution Center
  • Electronic payment management
  • Computer generated receipts
Financial Reporting
  • Daily cash accounting
  • Delinquent balances
  • Statement of court accounting
  • Spread sheet charges and collections
  • Unearned fee balances
  • Electronic OCA reporting
  • Court docketing reports
  • Docket book reports
  • Cases pending reports
  • Appointments and fees report
  • Electronic CJIS reporting & tracking
  • Form merging
  • Electronic appeal reporting
  • E-filing

Scanning Made Easy

RVI Imaging digitizes documents quickly and easily. Scan. Attach. Done.
With RVI Imaging, court personnel can easily scan documents and attach them to the applicable case. Once attached, documents are safe, secure and available to personnel with the appropriate security permissions.

Attorney Case Management

Case information at your fingertips
The County and District Attorney Case Management application allows users to track all information related to a case. Users can locate and print case disposition reports quickly, access caseload information by attorney, and provide an in-depth description of a specified case.
  • Access to information from the Sheriff, County Clerk, and District Clerk Offices
  • Local criminal history search
  • Printing and merging of case information with standard forms
With the County and District Clerk Case Management Applications your office can maintain and secure Criminal, Civil, Probate, Mental Probate, Adoption, and Juvenile records. All case related information may be accessed easily by a Defendant Name, Plaintiff Name, Case Number, PID number, or Alias Name search. Docket Maintenance allows you to record important dates, record CJIS information, set hearing dates and much more.
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