Law Enforcement

Integrated Law Enforcement System

A total integrated solution from initial offense/incident to jail management.
NET Data’s Law Enforcement software is a fully integrated solution. Records can be securely accessed from the County and District Attorney’s office and the County and District Clerk’s office. Advanced tracking and reporting features allow you to access data in several ways.
Save time and money by designing and printing your own forms from case files. The Law Enforcement system is comprised of a collection of powerful modules enabling a case to move through the system securely and efficiently.

Offense / Incident

When entering offense class and type information, the user has the ability to select the information from an online list that is provided in the offense/incident feature. State offense codes for UCR coding are also available online. Modus Operandi codes can be user defined which allows the user the flexibility to profile cases. Users can better describe cases with unlimited suspect, vehicle, stolen property and witness record information that can be entered into a case file.

Types of offenses that can be entered into the system include:

  • Regular
  • Undercover
  • Narcotics
  • Juvenile
  • Internal Affairs
Users may access case information by Victim name, Suspect name, Witness name, Complainant name, Offenses by date range, and by Case number.

Book-In and Jail Management

The Book-in and Jail Management modules allow you to track inmate and arrest data. Additionally, complete CJIS reporting information is at your fingertips. The electronic CJIS process begins at Book-in and then proceeds through the judicial channels. CJIS TRN numbers are automatically assigned and CJIS fingerprint cards can be printed and reprinted.

Additional features include:

  • Inmate medication log
  • Inmate property log
  • Track inmate financial information
  • Automatic receipt printing for deposits and withdrawals
  • Current inmate reports
  • Display disposition of cases from the attorney or clerk’s office

Computer Aided Dispatch

Dispatchers need software that is easy to learn and allows them to perform functions quickly. NET Data’s CAD system includes the following features:
  • Search local warrants and perform dispatch functions quickly
  • Call for service data flows to the offense record for investigations
  • Easily maintain all radio activities for multiple jurisdictions
  • Quickly access Civil papers (Sheriff’s Foreign Docket)

Electronic Crime Scene Photos

NET Data’s Law Enforcement system allows users to store sensitive crime scene photos safely and securely on the server, not on their local PC. Users with the appropriate security can then access the images as the case moves through the justice system.

Scanning Made Easy

RVI Imaging digitizes documents quickly and easily. Scan. Attach. Done.
With RVI Imaging, law enforcement personnel can easily scan documents and attach them to the applicable record. Once attached, documents are safe, secure and available to personnel with the appropriate security permissions.

Centralized Personal Identification

All NET Data judicial software systems, to include the Law Enforcement application, use a centralized personal identification module called PID. This number is assigned when a person committing an offense is entered into the system. PID is a powerful module that allows you to track aliases, latest address information, Federal, State, and local PID numbers, and any physical markings the individual may have.
PID enables law enforcement to research individuals by cross referencing alias names, suspects, witnesses and complainants. Local history of all incidents and offenses made by the individual can also be located in the PID record.

VINE Integration

The Law Enforcement software application is fully integrated with The VINE Company. The VINE Company is the nation’s leading provider of automated notification services to crime victims for the criminal justice community. Data flows from your system to VINE continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing real-time victim notifications. This automated cost effective method allows agencies to more efficiently and accurately inform people of important events pertaining to their individual case.
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