Municipal Court Management

iCON Municipal Court Management System

Smart. Fast. Easy. That’s iCON Municipal Court Management.
The iCON Municipal Court Management System is fully integrated, user-friendly and easy to learn.

Advanced filing, tracking and reporting features include:

  • Dockets available for every case type
  • Automatically file citations with iTicket
  • Initialize, track and disburse state and local fees and fines per state requirements
  • Electronically transmit OCA and DPS conviction reports online
  • Create and manage time payment schedules
  • OCA collection improvement reporting
  • Includes all necessary reports for internal city and state auditing
  • Add warrants in batch and automatically create corresponding Violate Written Promise to Appear or FTA cases with all necessary fees added
  • Flexible court forms creation and printing
  • Officer reporting
  • Agency reporting
  • Event and court docket calendar

iTicket is your ticket to saving time

iTicket files your citations for you. Every day. Automatically.
NET Data’s iTicket software automatically retrieves DPS, COPsync, Crimes, and BrazosTech citations each morning. Once retrieved, iTicket automatically files them in your court and includes all the important information such as the officer, location, defendant, and offense data. Let iTicket file your daily citations. You’ll be glad you did.

iCON fully integrates with the GHS Alternative Dispute Resolution Center System

Reduce the backlog. Increase the revenue.
The GHS Alternative Dispute Resolution Center system is the only fully integrated solution that exists today.
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