Internet Record Access

Bring your public records into the Information Age.
Fast and easily accessible. Put your public records online with NET Data’s collection of Internet Records Access websites.
  • Tax Records/Tax Payments Online
  • Pay Traffic Citations
  • Public Court Records
  • Real Property Search
  • View Document Images

Credit Card Services

Power your office with convenient and secure credit card payments.
Taking payments online or in person is convenient, secure and efficient with Govrec. Once payments are made you can easily post payments to cases in batch which saves you time. Convenient online reporting enables you to track the flow of payments from individuals to their cases.

GHS Alternative Dispute Resolution Center System

The only fully automated collections management solution that exists today!
The GHS Alternative Dispute Resolution Center System fully integrates with NET Data’s JP Case Management and Municipal Case Management software. This tight integration creates a synergy that increases current collections while reducing the workload on your court.

GHS does the work. You stay in control.

Flexibility to tailor collection practices to suit your needs.
The GHS Alternative Dispute Resolution Center System boosts your current collections by automating many delinquent case collection processes:

Decrease the backlog. Increase the revenue.

  • Automatically sends courtesy notices to cases in jeopardy of going delinquent. Pay traffic citations
  • Delinquent cases identified and automatically sent to GHS
  • Empowers courts to exclude cases from going to collections
  • Generates and sends delinquent mailers
  • Automated phone campaigns
  • Payment processing via phone, online, and mailed money orders
  • Post payments in batch
  • Manages defendants’ payment plans
  • Automated OMNI and NRVC filings
  • Automatically updates case records with collection activity
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